Kids Tie-Dye Workshop
Kids Tie-Dye Workshop

Kids Tie-Dye Workshop

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This tie-dye class is a hands-on workshop where participants will learn and explore different camp,fold, and tie-dye techniques to create unique patterns on fabric. I will travel for this workshop and set up in your backyard or can arrange studio space. Perfect for birthday parties, homeschooling groups or just a fun activity for the kids this summer. 

  • $25 per participant for groups of 10 or more.
    • All supplies are included in the workshop cost.
        • 2 fabric swatches for practice, t-shirt, dye materials and gloves. Each class can be easily customized based on your small group needs.
          • tables, and additional items to dye can be added for a fee.

          *Please email to discuss dates and how we can customize your workshop or birthday party.*
          ** Traveling more than 10 miles outside of zip code 75208 may require an additional travel fee.**